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Fit! Live! Win! TV One with Dr. Ivan

Live Longer with Dr. Ivan    

Therapist, Author, Speaker and Wellness Expert. 

Steps for Boldly Surmounting Life's Adversities

Dr. Ivan Hernandez delivers with his astounding and motivational account of recovering from personal adversity.


Courage to Continue tells how the author handled betrayal, a health scare, business woes, and his body image as he evolved over the last few years. Dispelling the myth that men lack emotional intelligence, Dr. Hernandez has stayed in touch with everything that’s changed his life.


As he reflects on his experiences, he highlights the differences that each change made in his role as a father, son, and significant other. In every battle he fought, he used the outcome to make a positive and creative change in his life for the better.


The author shares the recipe he used for success so you too can apply his approach, which connects mind, body, and spirit in your life. His account of what it takes to improve both physically and mentally is bold and honest.


This transformational book about resilience, overcoming heartache, and defeating health problems and stress will motivate you to achieve your own personal growth.

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